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Acknowledgement of Country

MCC NSW acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) peoples of Australia in our Constitution. We believe it is important to provide this acknowledgement as a sign of respect and in the spirit of truth-telling. Aboriginal cultures and peoples are the oldest continuous surviving humanity on Earth. This is a point of pride for all Australians. Australia is a vibrant nation made up of many cultures. Our collective story weaves the blanket that embraces all of us and creates the narrative of the whole nation.


MCC NSW is a non-profit, non-party political and non-sectarian NGO formed in 2014 to advocate and represent the interests of the wide diaspora of the diverse communities in NSW.  The Founders of this NGO were mainly drawn from experienced multiculturalists with decades of skills and experience. 

Most of our older members were pioneers of multiculturalism in Australia and have given much of their free time as volunteers in multicultural organisations over decades.  Some of them were instrumental in the establishment of multicultural institutions such as the Radio/TV broadcaster SBS, Ethnic Affairs Commission (now Multicultural NSW),  Saturday language schools and multicultural services for aged, health and disability. 

The major contemporary defining description of Australia is that it is a multicultural nation.

Whether it’s the 270 different ancestries that make up the population, the  waves of migration since New South Wales was founded in 1788, the near half of the population with an overseas born parent, or the definitive statement of visiting overseas heads of state as to how Australia is internationally perceived i.e. “a successful multicultural nation” – whatever the perspective, the defining characteristic of Australia is now as a multicultural nation and overwhelmingly, multiculturalism is the nation’s major social and economic asset.

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