MCC NSW is a representative of the diverse communities in NSW. It is membership driven and all like minded organisations are encouraged to join MCC NSW to support the inclusion, diversity and harmony in the communties.

Membership Qualifications

Membership shall consist of persons who subscribe to the objects of the Council and who agree to abide by the Constitution, rules and regulations applicable to members of the Council.

A person, cannot be a member, who

  • espouses racist views, has made comments that could incite hatred, contempt or ridicule towards people of a particular race, religion, ethnic background or country of origin, or the elevation of one race, religion, ethnic background or country of origin above others, or
  • could create disharmony within the association, or damage to the reputation of the association,

Application for Membership

  • Application for membership shall be made in writing to Secretary signed by the applicant and in such form and content as the Board shall from time to time determine. The application shall be accompanied by an entrance fee and an annual membership fee as determined from time to time by the Board.
  • Application for membership shall be proposed and seconded by a financial ordinary member or honorary life member.
  • The Board shall determine the application. The Board may accept or reject the application, without having to assign any reason whatsoever, and shall notify the applicant accordingly.